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IDEA Group and Publicum Group merge in Lithuania under HAVAS

Idea Group is expanding steadily and has integrated with the agencies of the leading communications group in Lithuania, Publicum Group. The largest communications group being created in the Baltic states will represent the global marketing communication group Havas and introduce the Havas brand in Lithuania.

Havas Group will start operating in Lithuania at the beginning of next year after the reorganisation of the existing companies, the harmonisation of its structure and obtaining the corresponding authorisation from the competition authorities.

The director of Havas Group will be Šarūnas Mikelevičius, who is currently the director of the media agency Havas Media. Mark Eikner, partner at Idea Group, and Ričardas Jarmalavičius, partner at Publicum Group, will remain active partners in the management of Havas Group. The group being created in Lithuania currently employs more than 100 people.

“In the face of market challenges, the merger of the two leading communications groups is a logical move,” said Mark Eikner. “Strong professionals and innovative communications solutions need to be available to clients from a single place and a coherent team.”

According to Ričardas Jarmalavičius, Havas will be the most integrated group in its field in the Baltic states. “Modern research and planning methods, as well as tools, strategic inputs, creative and innovative technical solutions – all of this works efficiently when the team works together as a unified body”,explained Jarmalavičius.

The Havas Group will provide all integrated communications services: marketing consultancy, public relations, media planning, advertising and e-commerce, among others.

Havas was founded in Paris in 1835 and is by far one of the largest communications group in the world, with sales exceeding 2.2 billion euros last year. The group has 20,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Publicum Group started its activities in 2001, uniting five agencies in Lithuania. Sales revenue in 2016 exceeded 8.6 million euros.
Idea Group, founded in 1996, brings together15 companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company's turnover is approximately 30 million euros.

After the reorganisation and structural harmonisation of the companies, the Baltic companies of Idea Group will employ over 250 people. The planned turnover for 2018 will exceed 40 million euros.


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