Lithuanian Paulius Senuta wants to bring the enthusiasm back to Estonian advertising industry

Paulius Senuta, the leader of Not Perfect agency tells that the clients increasingly demand Pan- Baltic approach and Not Perfect will respond to that need by opening and agency in Tallinn.

How is the Lithuanian agency industry doing?

We still have very competitive advertising agencies, this is testified from being quite successful in the Pan-Baltic client pitches. It doesn`t always mean being very creative, whereas some years ago Milk and Not Perfect tried to outsmart each other and win more international awards. That enthusiasm has gone, it wasn't a very successful business model because awards don't turn into dollars. It is not all bad, because some of the agencies that weren`t that creative have built a very strong relationship with their client and now are doing more creative work for them.

Obviously, all the digital and social media developments have changed the industry, there have been various ways to approach this. Some, like us, have built-in internal capabilities, some agencies have built external agencies, some new agencies popped up to service this kind of need.

Are the clients increasingly in need of Pan-Baltic approach?

Clients are very slow at this. Organisations that recognised their want for Pan-Baltic solutions have to restructure themselves. More and more clients are looking into this and as markets mature, they will start to recognise that it's not just a creative question, it`s a structural question. It`s how to structure themselves to make that one decision.

We see that happening and these changes are inevitably to come. The ratios of how much clients spend on media and the production of assets to place in the media are not very good. The worse ratio is actually in Estonia, where the media is cheap, but the agencies are expensive. Too much money does not go to the media. Especially the international companies can`t go like this and they won`t be: Pan-Baltic is a solution for that.

What are your agency`s ambitions in Estonia?

Firstly, we are already working in a couple of other markets, so naturally, we spend a lot of time in Estonia, working for Estonian or Pan-Baltic clients. We`ve been here for many years now and it`s not really hard for us. Working in Estonia and talking with clients and agencies here, we see a lot of opportunities. In my point of view, in Estonia, everybody is fingerpointing each other and no one is taking the initiative to change that. But everybody wants change. We have been quite good at solving this problem in Lithuania, so I think we can do the same in Estonia as well.

I think we can bring enthusiasm back. I have always believed that it comes from internal agency enthusiasm, not from the client. It`s not that the clients are bad. I see that people from agencies go to the client side, which changes the situation. Now the clients are very active and take initiative, that is very unusual to me. That means they want change.

Eventually, our goal is to build the first creative network in the Baltics. When I say creative, I mean creatively recognizable. I don`t know any network that would have an agency that would consider being top creative in three Baltic markets. When I say network, I mean network. If you talk to clients here, they say there is a lot of fighting in between themselves. We have grown very organically from Vilnius to Riga to Minsk to Tallinn. That is a good benefit because you extend the same culture and thinking. You get the same structure with the agencies that are not fighting with each other. We work very integrated way.

What is your goal for Not Perfect in Tallinn?

One is to deliver the most interesting work in the market. I hope to see that happening with the Tele2 new campaign. Another thing is to build this new culture in the Tallinn agency where there is no finger pointing at each other. There is too much of this going on right now: saying that the brief is not that clear etc. This is completely counterproductive. When the agency knows what they are doing they don`t need too much of a brief and guidance actually. We want to build an agency that is very much of a driver of how advertising is delivered. By the way, we are looking for a creative partner in Estonia and employees.


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