Liviko launched factory tour to enhance brand experience

Interview with Gloria Hallaste (Curator) and Jörgen Herman (Export Director) at Liviko Distillery

Liviko successfully exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide. Recently they opened started a Liviko Distillery factory tour to further convey their story. The questions were answered by Gloria Hallaste (curator of Liviko Distillery) and Jörgen Herman (Export Director of Liviko Distillery).

Why does Liviko need its own tour?

Gloria Hallaste: Liviko Distillery factory tour was completed only a few weeks ago. At the moment, the first bookings are coming in, the interest is great and the feedback is positive. The tour is part of our marketing, because we can create experiences. If you can convey your story in an interesting way, more people will listen to you.

Everybody can visit, you just have to book in advance. About half of the people who have visited us are our partners or customers around the world. We can show them how production in Tallinn city center looks like. In addition, after visiting our tour, people know how to market and talk about our products and brands. Cocktail training is also available here. Our brand ambassador who goes around the world to talk about how to consume our products, can also train restaurant workers here.

What makes Liviko's products special and helps to differentiate abroad?

Jörgen Herman: Historically, Liviko's focus has been on Eastern European markets. We have traditionally been known as a producer of vodka and Vana Tallinn. Now with the new Crafter's gin, we can say that Liviko is a trademark that speaks to the whole world. The key to successful global expansion is that Crafter's is just such a good product. This product is fairly easy to market because it speaks for itself.

Do different markets also need different marketing?

Jörgen Herman: In Liviko’s case, it depends on the product. When we are marketing Crafter's gin, we mostly do not talk about Estonia. Estonia is not a traditional gin producer and it does not add any value to the product. Although we are talking about Estonia’s pure nature in relation to the Nordic countries. Pure water, clean air, a small population per square kilometer: it speaks to the world. But, for example, advertising messages are quite universal.

How do consumers differ from country to country? How to approach them?

Jörgen Herman: For example, Spanish and British consumers are very aware and cultured, but in Asia gin is still gaining traction. The marketing of our products is in collaboration with our vendors, because they are the best experts in their market. We rarely do marketing to any specific market, because markets are very different: in some markets the laws are very strict, but in other places you can do whatever you want. Already in the Baltics there are big differences in legislation. It is impossible to have one single marketing strategy.

What would you recommend to other brands who are looking to expand abroad?

Jörgen Herman: The basis of everything is a good product. It has to be 100% honest. In addition, the story and the product must support each other. If what you are talking about is not what the product really is, the product will not succeed. The basis of everything is the product: both content and packaging.

Visit Liviko Distillery during Balticbest 2019 company visits program on August 30 in Tallinn. Read more and register HERE.


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