How to create an award-winning work with a small budget?

Balticbest jury member Davor Bruketa: “If you have something relevant and interesting to say, the entire world will listen.”

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Davor Bruketa, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Creative Director  

Davor Bruketa is one of the most awarded Croatian creative directors.

If you look at the global awards scene, then some relatively small countries (Sweden, New Zealand) win big awards – but most small countries stay "small" when it comes to awards also. The agencies from small countries often complain that it is very difficult to make award-winning work with small budget. What is your advice – how to make "big, award-winning" work with "small" budget?

It is harder, but not impossible, for the “small” to win an award. There are examples of small-scale projects winning big, even in Cannes. Limitations can be very inspiring for creatives and sometimes the best creative and innovative ideas come from lack of resources. It is important to think smart and strategically, to utilise the idea in the best possible manner, to know how and why is your idea going to interact with the target audience. So you always need to think about the effect your idea is going to have on people and what you want them to do with it. You have to know what results you want to achieve. If you have a good insight, a reason why, a great idea, and a smart strategy and execution, you will achieve results and have an award-winning material, and this goes for the smallest projects. With today’s digital tools, if you have something relevant and interesting to say, the entire world will listen.

What are the main trends in Croatian advertising/marketing in 2019? Any difference from the global trends?

For a while now, advertising has been used to address important social issues. Brands are no longer afraid to take a stand for something. Advertising has infiltrated into popular culture and is present in places where it is least expected, or is less aggressive and more user friendly. This means advertising is being used to help to solve an issue, to entertain, to educate and so on. We are creating ads people want to see and hear or touch and even share themselves.

We also see agencies and advertisers working more closely together, using different sorts of agile collaborative tools like design sprints to solve not only communication, but business issues in general. Creativity is utilised in all areas of business like creating new products. This is also important to offer good user experience consistently through all brand touchpoints, which is possible when thinking in an omnichannel way and including different areas of businesses and working with the creatives, not only people in marketing.

In-housings seems to be a big threat for the ad agency business globally do you see it happening in Croatia too? How can agencies respond to that threat?

Agencies are no longer here only to make a video ad or a web banner for you, we are here to help businesses transform by using our well-built creative muscle.

Where do you see yourself as a business professional in 5 years from now? What would you like to achieve professionally?

I will probably still help to solve all kinds of issues for people and businesses with creativity. What will that look like exactly, who knows. Five years is a very long time in this rapidly evolving industry.

Here are some examples of recent notable work by Bruketa&Žinić&Grey:

Mobile app A1 Lappsus turns the habit of frequent checking of the phone into an opportunity to learn correct use of the Croatian language.

A book that is able to withstand fire and water, literally.

The identity of the futurological conference visualises real-time Twitter discussions on future.


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