Balticbest 2020: program and categories

Balticbest 2020 takes place online in the format of a live show. Jury will vote live and the winners will be announced instantly – right at the end of each category voting. The categories and the program of live judging show on 26 August 2020 are the following.


Submission deadline: 12.08.2020

Shortlist published: 21.08.2020

Awards announced: 26.08.2020

10.00 Opening

10.05 - 12.00 Judging session I


1. Graphic Design

Design craft that has been used as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages.

2. Package Design

Packaging used to promote, sell, or display items.

3. Digital Design

The execution of design to aid the function and use of the digital product (including websites, online publications, microsites etc).

4. Direct Advertising

Work applicating customer relationships, directly targeting a specific audience with a call-to-action which produced measurable and meaningful results.

5. Print Advertising

Work that uses print media creatively, exhibits ingenuity and outstanding craftsmanship in published media.

6. Outdoor Advertising and Ambient Advertising

Work that uses public spaces to telegraph a message or immerse consumers in a brand experience. Free-format outdoor advertising that leverages the use of public spaces, objects and environments in an unconventional manner.

7. B2B

Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate comms.

8. Branded Content and Entertainment

How films & series (operations involving films or web series designed to reinforce brand values in the context of entertainment and/or original content), branded games (online, mobile, tablet or video games created specifically for brands, or product placements that enhance a player’s experience of the game), native advertising (original content that complements or reflects the editorial environment in which it appears, conveying a brand message yet providing engaging information or entertainment for the audience) led to increased brand affinity and commercial success.

12.15 - 14.15 Judging session II


9. TV Advertising

Films designed and aired on TV or in cinemas.

10. Film Craft

Films where the narrative has been enhanced by the artful management of the cinematography, visual components, editing, sound, animation etc.

11. Online Video and Film

Films created with the primary intention of being shared and/or user-distributed online.

12. Promo and Activation

Brand activation and CRM programmes, loyalty schemes, special offers, competitions, in-store activities, merchandising, tie-ins etc designed for immediate results or to reinforce long-term customer relationships. Installations or campaigns allowing consumers to engage directly with the brand, physical brand spaces such as exhibitions, museums and pop-up stores, in-store displays and merchandising, operations targeting consumers at the point of sale.

13. Integrated

Campaigns using at least three different media for a synergistic effect.

14. Events

Events, parties, festivals, stunts etc to build the value and reputation of a brand or communication project.

14.30 - 16.30 Judging session III


15. PR

Sponsorship, campaigns and other activities designed to achieve specific objectives in the media on an unpaid basis.

16. Online Advertising

Work which is enhanced and amplified by strategical use of online platforms.

17. Facebook Marketing

Creative way of using Facebook for marketing (Facebook advertising, content marketing, brand engagement, etc).

18. Instagram Marketing

Creative way of using Instagram for marketing.

19. Innovative Marketing

The use of creative technology to increase brand affinity and commercial success (objects or devices invented exclusively for a brand or a campaign, including vending machines, wearable technology, interactive installations etc).

20. Marketing at the Time of Pandemic

Special category for 2020 only - how marketers have responded to the changing consumer behavior?

21. Marketing Effectiveness

Creative work that drove tangible business results and demonstrates hard results over the long term.

16.35 Ending


Submission deadline: 12.08.2020

Shortlist published: 21.08.2020

Awards announced: 26.08.2020

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