Hando Sinisalu • 12 August 2020

It is important to build the brand from the scratch correctly

WHAT'S UP: Giorgi Avaliani, Co-Founder of Holy Motors (Georgia) talks about Georgian advertising industry and how important it is to build a brand from the scratch.

Giorgi Avaliani  Photo credit: Photo:Marko Mumm

What is the status of the Georgian advertising industry?

We had a really quiet Spring and Summer, but some brands were still communicating. Fortunately, several businesspeople saw an opportunity in the crisis and were starting new ventures. It could have been much worse, although the first weeks of the crisis were really blurry. Several agencies who did not have commercial work did several social projects and even some fun camapigns to keep the spirit up. Mots agencies went through the crisis without breaking their existing business models. The loss of agencies revenue was roughly 50%. The advertising industry did not get any subsidies from the government, apart from a tax break. Most of the landlords lowered the office rent and some agencies were able to get additional credit line from their bank.

Tell us about your new agency

We have decided to start a new branding agency called Holy Motors because it is really important to build the brands correctly from the scratch. It is difficult to change the initial mistakes later with communication. The initial decisions define the future of the brand. Our agency develops the product as well, since the product is a really important part of the brand. It is also more effective to build a brand from the scratch, rather than change the perception of the brand later with the communications.

New startup companies usually do not have a budget for brand building. How does your agency make money then?

Big companies also build new brands, launch new products and services, we are not limiting our services to the startups. We are also investing ourselves in new business ventures - we will get some equity in new ventures in exchange for our work. For example, we are in the process of launching a new raisin snack brand. Currently we are working with 15-20 brands, both in Georgia and Internationally. There is always room for interesting new brands and there are always enough great people with interesting business ideas!


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