Hando Sinisalu • 31 December 2021

Estonian agency Optimist wins the Baltic agency ranking 2021

The Baltic agency ranking compares the agencies from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania based on the awards from the local, regional and international competitions. For the first time, the period of the full calendar year was taken into account.

Magnus Luškov, CEO of the ad agency Optimist  

For the first time in the history of the ranking, the Estonian agency landed on the number one position.

Top 8 agencies were clearly ahead of others, the difference between no 8 and no 9 was already remarkable.

In addition to the local award competitions, several regional and international competitions were taken into account (Balticbest, Meet & Links, NAPA, Golden Drum, White Square, EPICA, Eurobest, Cannes Lions, D&AD, KIAF, etc)

1. Optimist EST (the best Estonian agency)

2. Publicis Riga LAT (the best Latvian agency)

3. McCann Riga LAT

4. Nord DDB Riga LAT

5. Golin Riga LAT

6. Tabasco EST

7. Not Perfect Vilnius LIT (the best Lithuanian agency)

8. Not Perfect Riga LAT


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